Invited Speaker






Hiroyuki Kato

Lunch talk (Ajinomoto)

Significance of protein and amino acids in postexercise period

Wang Tianhua

Lunch talk (Shimadzu)

Striving for excellence in life science with Shimadzu: 30th anniversary in MALDI-TOF

Verawat Champreda


Discovery, design and engineering of enzyme systems for biorefinery industry

Kallaya Sritunyalucksana-Dangtip

An “International Network for Shrimp Health (INSH)” to bridge the gap between research, policy and the farmer

Penjit Srinophakun


Biodiesel feed stock: Key success of energy research and development

Takeshi Omasa (BBE)

Next-generation therapeutic antibody production using CHO cell platform

Surang Chankhamhaengdecha


Characterization of bacteriophages infecting Clostridium difficile

Shigeru Kitani

New Streptomyces hormone, Avenolide from S. avermitilis, regulates secondary metabolism of Streptomycetes as the last group of Streptomyces autoregulators

Kwanchanok Viravaidya-Pasuwat


Automated Tissue Kulture (ATK) for regenerative medicine

Masahiro Kino-Oka (BSC)

Importance of cell manufacturability for stem cell production

Pakpoom Supsoontorn


Toward microbiome engineering: an update on synthetic biology for non-model microbes and microbial consortia

Akio Ojida

Selective and reversible covalent modification of non-catalytic cysteines with weakly reactive α-chlorofluoroacetamides

Nuttawee Niamsiri


Current and future trends in waste valorization for the production of functional biomaterials in Thai food industries

Suwimon Keeratipibul

Environmental monitoring program for controlling pathogen contamination in food products

Varodom Charoensawan


Less is more? Systems biology of gene expression regulation at single-cell resolution

Laran T. Jensen

Identification of molecular pathways that promote organophosphate insecticide sensitivity

Eleni Gentekaki


Gut microbiota in northern Thai populations

Chanwit Tribuddharat

High throughput DNA sequencing for food-borne pathogens: Their resistance genes and epidemiology

Kazuhito Fujiyama


Molecular breeding of yeast strains isolated in Thailand: Anniversary of forty-year friendship between Thailand and ICBiotech, Osaka University

Marii Kida

Koji mold (Aspergillus oryzae) as a host for recombinant protein production: the establishment of an efficient expression system

Masahiro Kino-Oka (TJ)

A novel strategy for simple expansion of human pluripotent stem cells

Takeshi Omasa (TJ)

Biopharmaceutical manufacturing: Recent regulatory topics and perspective

Khanok Ratanakhanokchai

Differentiation of xylanolytic and cellulolytic enzymes from bacteria for different applications

Nantana Srisuk

Utilization of low-cost feedstocks for indole-3-acetic acid production by yeast and bacteria

Dakrong Pissuwan

The forthcoming applications of gold nanoparticles in diagnostics and therapeutics

Suparerk Borwornpinyo

Current status of gene therapy for beta-thalassemia patients

Wen-Chien Lee


Promoting collaboration on biotechnology innovation in Asia

Wen-Yih Chen

Developments of DNA oligonucleotides with site-specific methyl-phosphotriester linkages for molecular detections and precision medicine

Chun-Sheng Chang

Current situation and prospect of applied biotechnology industry in Taiwan

Kow-Jen Duan

Ethanol production using sugarcane bagasse after solid-state fermentation by Trichoderma reesei

Yuung-Ching Sheen

Bio-based epoxy and PU polymers and applications

Watanalai Panbangred

Bioactive peptides derived from food proteins

Boonhiang Promdonkoy

Development & application of microbial biocontrol agents for control of insect pests

Wansika Kiatpathomchai

On-site LAMP platforms for detection of aquatic animal, human and foodborne pathogens

Suchada Chanprateep Napathorn

Biodegradable plastics polyhydroxyalkanoates: Moving towards green and sustainable process